The use of mobile phone while driving acts as a significant physical and mental distraction and increases the risk of the driver being involved in an accident.

Using a hands free phone does not significantly reduce the risk of an incident occurring because the problems are caused mainly by the mental distraction and divided attention of taking part in a phone conversation at the same time as driving.

The Star Orient Phone Policy therefore requires;

  • Mobile phones MUST NOT be used while driving with the exception as detailed below
  • In depot premises, all non-intrinsically safe mobile phones must be left inside the office building
  • Mobile phones can only be used in the cabs of our refuelling vehicles when;
    • Hands free kit is fitted
    • The phone is inside the cab and the doors shut and windows closed
    • A call can only be made provided it is for business purposes and the truck is stationary
    • If the call is received while the vehicle is in motion it may be answered to tell the caller to wait while they pull over
    • Local airport regulations allow
  • If other apron personnel have mobile phones, they should not be used within a 3 meter ground radius of the refueller, the refuelling point and the aircraft wing tank vents during refuelling activity.

Visitors and contractors must be advised on entry to our depots on this Mobile phone policy and asked to comply.

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