The use, possession, distribution, purchase, or sale of any drug/controlled substances by any person while on company premises, engaged in company business, or while operating company equipment is prohibited. Any use of a drug/controlled substances that causes or contributed to unacceptable job performance or   unusual job behavior   is   prohibited.

Violation of this policy by an employee will be cause for disciplinary action. Up to and including discharge. Any other person violating this policy will be removed from company premises. In appropriate cases, law enforcement agencies may be advised of violations.

The company serves the right at any time to inspect or search any person, place, or object on the Company premises to enforce this policy.

The Company reserves the right to require contractors to search and/or screen their employees before entering upon company premises, engaging in company business, or operating company equipment.


All employees are personally responsible for complying with this policy for their own safety, the safety of others, and the protection of the company’s property. Withholding relevant information regarding the conduct of other employees or persons who violate this policy can cause for disciplinary actions.

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